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Cake design is an art form, and no one does it better than Rania Ibrahim, the founder of “Le Coin de Nicolas”. The design studio was set up in 2017 and has become a leader in cake design in Lebanon and the region, with an audience stretching from the Gulf to the Levant. Drawing upon her background in graphic design, Rania’s original creations have made Le Coin de Nicolas a hot spot for cake design in Lebanon and its surrounding region.

Rania’s story began with her love of art and design. She studied graphic design before deciding to follow her dreams of becoming a cake designer. With some trial-and-error at home, she found that she had a real knack for it and subsequently took courses and attended workshops both locally and abroad to hone her skills.

2017 was the year that Rania decided to launch her own business, with “Le Coin de Nicolas” becoming an instant darling for its outstandingly creative designs that quickly gained traction beyond Lebanon’s borders. Her cakes not only taste amazing but also look amazing, being crafted with intricate details using colors, shapes and textures as if she were an artist working on canvas. Painting abilities also feature prominently in Rania’s designs, allowing each one to be unique in its colors and concept. 

Rania’s success is attributable not only to her skills as a cake designer but also as a businesswoman who has built a strong brand for Le Coin de Nicolas. From leveraging social media to partner up with other brands and designers to spread awareness of her work, Rania has proven that hard work pays off when turning your passion into profit – an inspiration for any aspiring entrepreneur out there! Today, Le Coin de Nicolas is widely respected in the cake design industry thanks to Rania’s continuous innovation that never fails to capture imaginations.

Stacey Dwight

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